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About Me

     I finally created a page to tell you all you could possibly want to know about the webmaster of this site!

The Basics
- name: Blaine
- aliases: xwpshrine, cjufnf
- age: 30
- sex: male
- relationship status: taken
- country: usa
- religious affiliation: none
- jung typology results: istj
- enneagram results: five (observer)
- zodiac sign: aries
- chinese zodiac sign: tiger
- chinese astrological element: fire
- xenite zodiac sign: warrior (available at tinky's xenaverse)
- color: green (imagine that?)
- food: chocolate
- beverage: arizona green tea
- tv show(s): the red green show, mxc, 4400, drawn together, xena, hercules, buffy, the simpsons, cybill
- movie: jurassic park
- game(s): tomb raider (all), summoner (all), prince of persia, q*bert, halo (all)
- actress: milla jovovich
- quote: "i've learned that you cannot make someone love you. all you can do is stalk them and hope they panic and give in."
- comedian: wanda sykes
- religion: anything pagan is okay by me
- book(s): hyperion, fall of hyperion, endymion, rise of endymion, raptor red, the mists of avalon, the merlin trilogy, the da vinci code, angels and demons, deception point, digital fortress, eaters of the dead
Least Favorite....
- color: teal
- food: peas
- beverage: diet coke (it increases the chances of breast cancer ya know)
- tv show: seinfeld
- movie: sixth sense (come on, it was stupid!)
- game: mortal kombat (it just gets boring after awhile)
- religion(s): christianity/islam/judaism (fyi: i don't care what religious preference you have, these are just the religions i have the biggest problem with)
- cult that pretends it is a religion but really is an organization trying to take your money: "church" of scientology
- book: a room with a view
stupid people, stupidity in general, kids, most rap (except for eve, missy elliot, and lil kim), large groups of people, perky people, stereotypical people, narrow-mindedness
making websites, surfing the internet, playing video games, watching tv, making desktop walls, playing neopets, listening to music (i don't think you understand how much I listen to music), reading, being outdoors (when it is comfortable, damn this hot summer weather!), criticizing other people, playing mind games
- coffee or tea: coffee, although it makes my heart go spastic
- chicken or the egg: chicken
- evolutionist or creationist: evolutionist
- paper or plastic: paper
- sugar or cream: sugar
- pancakes or waffles: waffles
- cats or dogs: dogs
- coke or pepsi: coke
- digimon or pokemon: digimon
- heroine or cocaine: drugs are bad
- socks or stockings: socks
- tape or dvd: dvd
- playstation2 or xbox: playstation2
- playstation3 or xbox 360: xbox 360
- rain or shine: rain
- britney or christina: they both have their moments
- work or play: obviously play
- a play or movie: movie
- opera or a play: a play