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All right! I finally got the FAQs up. Well, if you didn't already know, this is the FAQs page. Here will be the most commonly asked questions that have been sent to me. Some are hilarious and confusing. You have to read them and you still probably won't believe them!


Q: Are you Lucy Lawless or any other cast member from the show?
A: Nope!
Q: Why won't the background music selector work?
A:  You need a browser that supports java. Also make sure that your browser has java enabled if it does support java!
Q: I have some fan artwork/fan stories that I would like for you to post. Can I send them in and you post them?
A: I'd be glad to do it! All you have to do is send the artwork/story to me! Please use the Contact Me page.
Q: Can I have my site listed on your Links pages?
A: Certainly. Just send the name, address, and a banner (if you have one) for your site to me. If I list your site, it would be nice if you linked back to my site on yours.
Q: I love your site! Can you teach me HTML so I can make my own?
A: WOW! Hold on there. You can't be taught HTML unless you take a class or get a good book. It is not something that can be learned through a couple of emails. Simply put, no, I can't teach you HTML or CSS for that matter.
Q: What program do you use to make your pictures?
A: I use Paint Shop Pro 7. It is a great program to use. Another one which is better is Adobe Photoshop, but that costs an arm and a leg. Let's see. $100 for PSP 7 compared to $600 for Adobe Photoshop. If you have the money, buy Adobe Photoshop. If you don't, get Paint Shop Pro 7. They are both equally good.
Q: You put my ****(fill an any Xena related thing) on your site! I want it off NOW!
A: Whoops. Sorry. Just email me asking nicely to take something out. I will do it.
Q: How come you only have info on 1 Xena game? If I am correct there is also one for N64.
A: You are correct. You see, I only put info on games that I have bought and played. If you want info for the game on N64, here is what I can tell you. I've heard that it doesn't have very good graphics, but if you like the show then it shouldn't matter.
Q: Are there any Xena related newsgroups?

A: Absolutely! I will list them all here (if I missed any, please let me know):

  • alt.binaries.hudson-leick
  • alt.binaries.multimedia.xena-herc
  • alt.fan.bruce-campbell
  • alt.fan.hudson-leick
  • alt.fan.renee-oconnor
  • alt.fan.sam-raimi
  • alt.hercules_legendary_journeys
  • alt.tv.hercules
  • alt.tv.hercules-legendary-journeys
  • alt.tv.xena
  • alt.tv.xena.creative
  • alt.tv.xena.creative.mature
  • alt.tv.xena.subtext
  • alt.tv.xena-subtext.misc
  • uk.media.tv.xena