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Games & Stuff

     So you've found the games and stuff page. Good for you! Here you will find information on any Xena games here. ANYTHING like cheats, walkthroughs, etc. And if it isn't here then there should be a link to a site that has the information. Can't get any better than that can it?


Xena Warrior Princess for PlayStation:

There's a Xena game for PlayStation?!? YES, there is. It's a great game too. Sure graphics could be better, and they should've used Lucy Lawless' voice for Xena, but other than that it is great and challenging. There will be puzzles as well as bad guys that need a good ass kicking. Here's all the stuff that you could possibly want to know about the game. I will NOT have a walkthrough for it. Too much time, too little patience. But I will have a link to a site that has one if I can find one.

What It Looks Like:


The Story Line:

An ancient evil has been unleashed upon the world and only one hero can stop her: Xena, the Warrior Princess! After centuries of imprisonment, Kalabrax, an evil sorceress walks the Earth once more. She seeks revenge upon the gods, as well as world domination. To that end, she has conspired to acquire the ultimate power. However, the spell that will grant her this power requires the sacrifice of a mortal Queen. Gabrielle, Xena's best friend, happens to be a Queen of the Amazons, which makes her a target for Kalabrax. After Gabrielle is captured by Kalabrax' evil co-conspirators King Valerian and Narsus, an evil renegade Amazon, Xena springs into action. Now, to rescue her friend and save the world, Xena must undertake an epic journey to find a way to defeat her immortal enemy.

The Basic Moves:

  • to perform a devastating slash, press X

  • to unleash a powerful kick, press

  • to perform a short jump, press

  • to perform a long jump, press D-Button + L1 +

  • to block an attack, press

  • to run, press the D-Button + L1

  • to look around, press R1 + D-Button

  • to throw the Chakram, press R1 + X.

  • to guide the Chakram, press R1 + D-Button

  • to perform a rolling tumble, press  while running

  • to unleash a running slash, press X while running

  • to launch a front-flip, press  while running

The Advanced Moves:

  • to perform a 180 degree slash, press the D-Button in the opposite direction Xena is facing + X

  • to execute a 180 degree kick, press the D-Button in the opposite direction Xena is facing +

  • to perform a 360 degree spinning attack, continually press X +     

  • to launch a 360 degree kick, press +

  • to groin kick a foe, press X +

  • to bicycle kick an opponent, press the D-Button towards an opponent + + . Press rapidly to keep the move going.

  • to perform a back-flip, press the D-Button in the opposite direction Xena is facing +

  • to execute a cartwheel, press and hold  + single tap the D-Button

  • to perform a back handspring, press and hold   + single tap the D-Button in the opposite direction Xena is facing

  • to sword bash a foe, stand behind your opponent and press X


  • to double slash, press X twice

  • to triple slash, press X three times

  • to double kick, press  twice

  • to triple kick, press  three times

  • to perform a slash, kick, slash combo, press X, then , and then X

  • to perform a kick, kick, slash combo, press , then , and then X

  • to perform a low spin kick combo, press X, then twice

  • try other combinations to discover more fighting moves.



Need a good walkthrough to help you with the game. You could try buying a good strategy guide book.

I bought a great strategy guide for the game. Has everything in it. Just look at the above picture of the strategy guide to get a feel for what you are looking for at a video store or book store. Or click here to go to amazon.com to buy it.


       Invincibility: Up Up Up Circle Square Up Right Left

       Full Shield and Attack Power: Triangle Square Triangle Square Square Up Up Up

       All Levels: Triangle Square Circle Triangle Square Up Up Up