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June 25, 2002

     Welcome to my Xena website. I created this site back in 2002 as a place to upload my desktop walls. Over the years, I have expanded and condensed the site numerous times. If you yourself have created a site, wallpaper, drawing, or anything else Xena related, please feel free to email it to me. I will gladly put it on my site with due credit to you! While I may not actively update this site with new artwork, I intend to keep it open as long as I am alive for nostalgia. You never know, I could upload new artwork! Nowadays, my "art" tends to be making specialized databases and Excel macros to make my work life easier. I take pride in all of my creations! If you run into any problems using the site, or you just have something say about my site then .

  December 09, 2020
   And with that the website revamp comes to a close. For now. I've removed pages that just didn't need to hang around anymore. Reorganized the photo galleries, links, and downloads pages. There are no more mini-sites! I hope you enjoy the updates!
  December 05, 2020
   Happy holidays! Revamping the site a little bit to remove outdated pages/items. I'm also slowly working on cleaning up the code. I've come a long way in 18 years. My old code, while functional (mostly), is atrocious. Little more flair to the theming of the site now as well! Please note that this is a work-in-progress. Not all pages are updated. On top of that, recently-updated pages aren't final as there are sizing issues all around (see atrocious code). Anywho, I hope you enjoy some of the updates!
  November 11, 2008
   H'ok then. Today I randomly decided to go through all the links in all of my pages and fix them. Sites that no longer exist have been taken out. Sites that have moved have had their links modified appropriately. Huzzah!
  February 25, 2008
   Holy hell on a pogo-stick. Sorry I haven't updated the site's theme in so long. There were some connection issues that have been resolved finally. For those who missed it, the site had the Halloween/Autumn theme up until today when I switched it to the St. Patrick's Day theme. Good times. Again, sorry about that.
  January 06, 2007
   Hello, all. For those who still visit this site, anyhow... As you have noticed, I have not been doing much as of late. No, I do not plan to close down the site, but for right now other things in life are higher priority than the upkeep of this site. I have not lost my love for Xena. The show is as great as ever for me. I still kick back and relax by watching my favorite episodes when time permits. As for the site, I'm proud of what I have done, but I don't really know quite what to do to make it more exciting. I feel like it is finished. At least for now. Maybe something in the future will spark my creativity. The site will continue to stay up and running as long as I am able to keep it so. To those first-timers here, I hope you enjoy my website.
  August 01, 2006
   I updated the link of the month as well as switched the theme of the homepage. That's about it. Sorry for the lack of updates.