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      All right, time to introduce the new Photo Gallery setup. As you may have noticed, only a few galleries are finished at the moment, more will be put up as I have the time.

     The photo galleries of the characters are now different than usual. Instead of having an ungodly amount of pictures for one character and a few for another, each section (excluding Fan Artwork) will have only 15 pictures each. These pictures have generously been provided mostly by Mike and Tane. Each image will be 800x600 pixels. I've tried to pick from a wide variety of episodes, so hopefully I got many different types of shots for each character.

      These are not my images. I did not make them nor do I intend to say that they are mine. They are simply here for your enjoyment. if you have any questions and/or problems. The only pictures I have contributed are the walls I created in the Cjufnf Gallery under Fan Artwork.