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Site Requirements

     I figured that it would probably be a good idea to have a page that list the minimum requirements for viewing my site instead having little lines scattered throughout the site of what you need.

Recommended Browser: Google Chrome
Screen Resolution: 1024x768 or larger!
Text Size: Medium
Color Quality: 16 or 32 bit
Speakers: Standard PC Speakers
Audio Player: You just need a browser that supports java!
Other Browsers Compatible With This Site: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge (does not work with the audio player), NeoPlanet
To see a more detailed list of what browsers work with this site, please visit the Browser Proficiency Tests page...
Other Programs Recommended:

VLC media player    

Good program to use when listening to any songs you download from this site


You definitely  need this if you want to be able to open up anything from the download page seeing that everything is in a .zip file. The only things not in .zip files are images and songs.
To see a more detailed list of what other programs I recommend when navigating this site, please visit the Needed Downloads page.