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     As I promised on the homepage, I have been playing around with the layout for the downloads section. I wanted people to be able to view the downloads they would like to see more quickly so that they would not have to wait for the entire page to load. I have created a Downloads mini-site not unlike the mini-sites I have for the Links and Photo Gallery pages. The link for this mini-site is:

Downloads Mini-Site

     The above Mini-Site link uses JavaScript to open up a window with certain size specifications. So that means a new window will be popping up. Make sure your pop-up blocker is set to allow this, or you might not be able to see it. A page will come up asking which skin you would like to use while browsing through the downloads. It is already set to Default Skin when you click the "Go" button. You can choose another skin if you like!

     A big thanks to Mike and mirrordrum for all scans used, and thanks to Mike and Tane for all caps used for all the download skins!

     Thanks to all of those who helped test out this new layout at the ABMX-H newsgroup!

NOTE: Please no hotlinking