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Xena Movie News

This is the Xena Movie News page. Here will be all news related to the upcoming Xena movie! All news is shown in order from the first bit of news to the last.

May 23, 2006
   Yet another long portion of time has passed since the last information of Xena movie news. Suffice it to say, the usual "new" news is some interview or other with Lucy Lawless talking about how it is in the works, but no one really knows who owns the rights to making such a movie. Following the norm, all news seems to be just more rumors (not necessarily wrong, but not setting anything in gold either). Several more sites out there are doing a good job (a lot better than me) in keeping up to date on these things, so here's an updated list of places to go check for movie news:


April 06, 2005
   It's been quite some time since news has been listed on this site about any possibility of a Xena movie. However, that does not mean that it isn't out there! Today I ran across another Xena Movie section of a site with up to date information:


This is another great resource on Xena movie news.  Trust me, you won't be disappointed with this site!


January 10, 2003
I heard this over a couple of Xena related newsgroups. Apparently a story is going around that there are plans for a Xena Movie. This next part is quoted from http://www.theflikspot.com/

"Lucy Lawless (Xena herself) confirmed the other day on a NZ radio station (91ZM) that a Xena Warrior Princess movie is planned. With a set budget of $50-60 Million (US) and the possibility of a few big names joining the cast Universal is treating this film as a major Blockbuster."

Sharon Delaney posted somewhere else that she contacted Rob Tapert who said he wishes that it was true, and that they are trying to work something out. He also added that the movie is more like 3 or 4 years away.


February 12, 2003
More movie news, although it is not really  news about the movie. Creation has been asking people to take a poll about a Xena movie. Here is the message I got via email:


The "powers that be" have asked for the Creation audience's input on a Xena feature film. Please check out the pop-up poll at our site and register your vote today!



Your friends at Creation Entertainment"


February 19, 2003
Just wanted to tell you that I heard this from alt.tv.xena.

"Xena: The Movie: ITV reports that the film will go ahead with not only "a stunning soundtrack provided by the series' original composer - Joseph Lo Duca" but a special Xena and Gabriel relationship theme song called "When I Look at You" by Mariah Carey."

A big thanks to hodag007 for posting this on the newsgroup! The link to the page with this information is:



May 01, 2004
    Finally, some more whisperings about the Xena Movie!  Box Office Mojo interviewed Katherine Fugate on April 16, 2004. Here is the relevant part of the article to which I am referring to:

Click Here to read the full article.